BTC Fleet Services

The BTC Shop

BTC Fleet Service will come to your job-site and provide maintenance service on your company vehicles at your convenience. Our goal is to keep the maintenance current on your vehicles, to help prevent costly repairs and keep your vehicles on the road. Our convenient on-site service will save your employees the time of taking their vehicle to have it serviced. Which will save you money.

With our worry-free maintenance we can put your fleet on regularly scheduled intervals to relieve you of one less responsibility. If your vehicles do happen to break down, our Road Service will be there to get you moving and save you from the cost of towing your vehicle for something that can be easily repaired on the spot. If the problem cannot be fixed on-site, we can take it to our six bay shop where we have a one-day turnaround on most repairs. Click here to see our shop.

Our goal is to provide you with “Service When YOU Need IT!” Services we can provide at your location to save you time and money:

To schedule BTC Fleet to come to your facility call us at 713-47 FLEET.